Facebook, Los Angeles Social Media and You, the Business Owner

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“The Social Network” may have failed to win the Academy Award; but years after surpassing its predecessor MySpace and five years after the creation of hyper-popular Twitter, it’s clear that Facebook really won the social networking war.

So as with most computing products, social networking in Silicone Valley has beat out Los Angeles social media (believe it or not, MySpace is based in Beverly Hills). But the success of Facebook begs the question: why do you use it? Is it for staying in touch with family and friends? Is it for vanity reasons? After all, some people just love sharing about themselves (we all know them, don’t we?).

But as a business owner, you’re likely to embrace Facebook – and social networking in general – for other reasons. Why else would you be interested in our Los Angeles social media firm? You use it to draw in prospects, keep customers informed, and promote new developments in your products and services. Whether you’re a medical practice, insurance company, or hair salon, you can use Facebook as a powerful marketing tool.

Is that what Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin had in mind in the halls of Harvard? Probably not! But our Los Angeles social media clients are glad that to include all of us. It paid off for them, and pays off for you.


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