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The social network is going to Microsoft service to create own advertising network. Facebook is in talks with Microsoft to buy Atlas Solutions, advertising service on other sites.

In case of successful negotiations Facebook will be able to create ad network, comparable in size with the same Google network, the largest to date. Now 80% of social network revenue is income of advertisers but ads are shown just on Facebook.

Information sources announce the talks are in active stage and far from conclusion. Representatives from both companies declined to comment.

Atlas Solutions were bought by Microsoft in 2007, as part of aQuantive buying, another advertising company, for $ 6.3 billion. According to sources close to the company, the software giant has been trying to sell Atlas for the last few years.

The price which the company set up is not disclosed. Sources say that previously it was about $ 30 million.

There are over 1 billion members on Facebook. Net loss for the third quarter was $ 59 million, while a year earlier for the same period, the company earned $ 227 million. Revenue for July-September rose to $ 1.26 billion it's 32% higher, which exceeded analysts' expectations.


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