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According to the blog, the largest social network has introduced an additional targeting feature. Now is possible to show your ads to users who have recently acted in the social network or an application for mobile devices.

Called as "Action specs" – the feature allows you to set templates for users to interact with the Open Graph-objects, and when implementating,  they are the target group for the campaign. New features can also include into target auditory  not only the person why did actions, but also his friends. The new feature will be useful, for example, to display advertisements only to those who listened to music, commented on a certain post, or played a game.

The feature does not allow to analyze the state of the button "Like", and also limits the length of a code line for targeting up to 4096 characters.

Example of code that defines members like a target auditory, who have listened to a track with the assigned ID 174829001234:

All activity is recorded in the archive, but advertisers information is available only for the last two weeks. The interval can be reduced to any desired integer number of days.

Now a new feature being tested, but  you can learn the details  .


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