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Facebook Product Director Tom Stocky reports that the social network has acquired , which specializes in the development of automatic speech recognition and translation into different languages. There is no information about the amount which were spent on this service. Mobile Technologies development team very soon will be the part of Facebook.

Mobile Technologies company has existed since 2001. It is known by applications development for mobile devices Jibbigo, where you can save voice message, translate it into one of 25 languages and output translation in the audio or text format. Facebook is going to continue to work with Jibbigo.

According to Stocky, the need in voice features in the Internet services and mobile applications increases and the use of these technologies will help Facebook to follow the modern trends. Mobile Technologies acquisition is a long-term investment in the development of a promising direction.

Stocky does not specify exactly which products are going to be equipped with voice features, but the variety of such applications and services can be very broad.


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