Email Marketing List: Tools & FAQs

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Email Marketing List Building

Email marketing is a powerful entity on the web. A study in 2006 estimated that US companies spend upwards of $400 million every year on email marketing.

One helpful tool in the world of web development marketing is the email marketing list. These lists ensure that updates from your business reach your hard-earned customers, keeping them abreast of new offers, products, or services. With Crest Media, building email marketing lists for you to use in your email marketing campaign is a snap.

What Can Email Marketing Lists Do for You?

Not only will we tailor your email marketing list to your clients’ demographics and regions, but we’ll also maximize the campaign’s effectiveness by creating spam-filter friendly messages and easy opt-out subscriptions. Anyone with an e-mail account knows there are right ways and wrong ways (spamming) of doing email marketing. Our track record shows that we do things correctly, with maximum ROI.

Won’t My Email Be Considered SPAM?

The easiest way for your messages not to be treated as spam, and therefore in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, is to use only email marketing lists of existing customers. To ensure that your websites email marketing lists are in compliance with this act and side-stepping spam filters, we at Crest Media will provide easy user-authentication procedures and opt-out subscriptions when doing any sort of email marketing list building for your company. This will keep your customers happy and your marketing campaign safe from any legal action.

What Are the Advantages to Using Email Marketing Lists?

When you use email marketing lists, there is a high, easily-traced ROI when done properly. Also, the cost of email marketing is comparably low to other marketing techniques, like search engine marketing (SEM). Infinitely better than paper messaging, email marketing list techniques have no waste and low overhead. Customers that are interested will stick around, while those that aren’t will simply unsubscribe from your list in a one-click procedure. Also, bringing your message to the consumer through an email marketing list is quicker than many SEM techniques, such as search engine optimization and search-engine friendly web design. If you’re ready to take your mailings and product updates out of the Stone Age, contact the experts of email marketing list building at Crest Media Internet Marketing.

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