Email Marketing Drives Traffic To Your Site

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There are many search engine optimization techniques that can drive traffic to your website, but putting together an email marketing campaign will yield some great results. As with any kind of marketing technique, there are a few tips that will help you get the most from any campaign you adopt.

First off, remember that people read what they ask for. Think about all the letters and advertisements that you find in your mailbox. You throw the ones out that you didn’t ask for right away and keep those pamphlets and brochures that you’ve ‘opted in’ for by giving your permission that they be sent.

A truly effective email marketing campaign rests on the same premise. The idea is fairly simple. ‘Opting In’ just means that you’ve gotten permission from the people on your list to send them your advertising by way of email. After you know the market that you’ll be addressing, the next step is to hammer out the graphics and what you want the landing page to look like.


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