Effective Email Marketing San Diego: Targeted Email Marketing Services

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The type of San Diego email marketing that Crest Media provides is 100% CANSPAM compliant. All email addresses are opt-in, which simply means that the recipient has opted to receive advertising to his or her email address. Here is the process we follow when we consult with your regarding email marketing:

  • First, we determine your target market, which we then acquire a list of opt-in emails that correspond to your optimal audience.
  • Next, we consult with you on the graphic design of an email ad and possible landing page.
  • Finally, we design and develop your email marketing ad campaign, followed by the deployment or blast of your email campaign.

Since Email Marketing is so targeted, the deliverability results are generally very high. Email marketing is an effective form of marketing, which we take advantage of for our own promotion.

Orange County Email Marketing: Your Email Marketing Solutions

Crest Media can provide you with Email Marketing solutions to drive your business. Email Marketing is different from spam. By providing targeted consumers with your business newsletters, events and sales letters you can cost effectively reach a large market that is interested in what your business has to offer.

Unlike traditional direct mail, Email Marketing has the added bonus of immediate feedback. Readers can click to your business as they are reading, ending up in advertising turnover rates far greater than traditional mail. We also can work with you on list building so that you can reach the proper prospect.


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