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Economical search engine optimization - is deal of interest to many website owners and company representatives. The main question that always worries head of the company, whether it refers to corporate coffee or expensive equipment, is - "how much it will cost? » Most often, this question can be easily answered by giving a check, quote, price list, but sometimes there are situations where the cost of necessary goods or services is not so easy to indicate.

So, how to answer the question: "What is the budget of economical search engine optimization "?

Unfortunately, fixed-price search engine optimization does not exist. There are no concepts of tariffs and price list, as the price of search engine optimization is a capacious notion and depends on many factors.


  1. Economical search engine optimization depends on the region of promotion. Site promotion can be focused on specific region. The region can be a country, region, city or specific city in which to client company operates. Each region has its own competitive environment, so the rate of, for example, the keyword "PVC windows" in the region of Minsk and Moscow will significantly differ. Accordingly, the promotion in Moscow region will be more expensive than the site promotion in Minsk.
  2. Level of competition by key queries is another important factor in affordable SEO. Each key request has its own level of competition. It depends on how many e-resources of this topic are presented on the Internet, how many of them optimized. In addition, there is the concept of the frequency of the query. That is, one theme has high frequency queries, as a rule, this queries consist of one or two words and low frequency - it is more specific queries. Respectively prices for queries with a high level of competition or frequent queries will be higher than on low-frequency queries or requests for which the level of competition is low.
  3. The number of keywords is very important for economical search engine optimization. It's simple: if we do not take into account the frequency and level of competition, the more queries - the higher the cost.
  4. Choice of search engines for promotion. The higher the popularity of search engine - the higher the price promotion in it.
  5. Willingness to promote the site. In order to understand whether the site is ready for promotion and make an approximate calculation of the budget, it is necessary to assess the volume and uniqueness of the posted information, the correctness of the initial development of the site, availability of all the blocks, forms and applications.

Cases, when website contains non-unique information, or improperly set up page titles, links, or missing some necessary information, complicate the work of SEO-expert, because he has to make the appropriate adjustments, accordingly - spent more time and seek the help of other professionals namely, copywriters and developers.

For example, figuring out the cost of website business card promotion, company may face the fact that the price of promotion of such a resource would be in several times more expensive than the promotion of multi-site. To eliminate gaps in the information content and structure of the site you will have to increase promotion budget.

Thus, whether it will be economical search engine optimization or not can be calculated taking into account the positions taken by the project on all of factors are above.

Due to the fact that each resource has its own unique position, development of single price or tariff is impossible, so price for promotion is carried out for each resource individually.


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