Don't Hop Around when it comes to Pay Per Click Providers!

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Business owners: Are you guilty of agency hopping when it comes to your pay per click campaigns? That’s a big mistake. If your PPC performance seems disappointing, it may be tempting to see what another provider has to offer – but there are plenty of reasons why sticking to one pay per click company over time is a far better investment. Here are some of those reasons.

Your new pay per click management provider will have to start from square one.

It is widely known that most PPC providers have their own way of categorizing campaigns and ad groups; they have to, in order to compete in their field. So if you dump your current PPC provider in favor of Company B, Company B will start your campaign entirely from scratch – meaning that although they may have better results with your previously unsuccessful keywords, you are going to wait even longer to start seeing the results you want.

The best new PPC products will never be used in your campaign.

When a pay per click company takes on a new client, it will usually start with basic AdWords services in the campaign. But there are so many other tactics that PPC advertisers can benefit from, including remarketing, Display Network and Bing Ads – great products that your campaign can never benefit from if you continue to switch pay per click management companies. On the contrary, sticking to one agency will ensure that these new methods will be explored in order to make the most of your campaign. An agency that wants to keep your business is always willing to try new things, both inside and outside of Google.

Google AdWords takes time to start working.

Pay per click management experts know that a truly successful campaign can take up to a full 12 months to materialize. Sure, the first few ads may produce some results – but that hardly reflects the full potential of what can be achieved in the campaign. It is important to give an agency time to analyze your PPC metrics, so that your account can be adjusted as needed until you are happy with the outcome.

It’s hard to be patient with any aspect of online marketing, PPC included. But take it from a pay per click company that has managed countless accounts over a period of years: Agency hopping will only hurt you. Once you find the pay per click managers you are comfortable with, give it time for their efforts to start working. It can be worth it.


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