Does Your Website or Mobile App Have the Right Consumer Influence?

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Design in the digital age is a lot more than choosing colors that compliment each other. In today’s high tech world, design also plays a very influential role in how a person interacts with a website or an app. It must not only guide them, but also possibly influence them to do something. It could be making a purchase, filling out a form or joining an email list. No matter the intent, the right design should create a reaction!

This concept is known as consumer influence, and its quickly becoming the marketing and sales benchmark on which the effectiveness of website or mobile application development for businesses are judged. While the term may sound very broad and nebulous, consumer influence is actually a fairly easy thing to measure, as long as thorough data is being gathered on traffic and user activities for a website or application. At the point where a business has a measurable amount of mobile app or website users not doing what that business intends for those properties, it’s likely time for that business to start looking into reasons why users are not interacting as intended.

UI or UX

There are two equally important parts to modern design. The UI or user interface must help a user interact with the content while the UX or user experience encompasses the overall way a person interacts with a website or a mobile app. These two design elements are very different, but they both need to work together to accomplish a single goal and that goal is influencing a user to do something.

What Do You Want Users to Do?

If you know exactly what you want a user to do, then it can be easy to create a design that influences them to do that. Have you ever wondered why some social networks are more popular than others? The most popular social networks have managed to accomplish three very basic things with their design. Users can easily create content, react with other user’s content and monitor how people are interacting with their own content. This is what makes social media so popular and the successful designs have given people exactly what they want and need to interact with others.

How does your brand’s consumer influence testing measure up?

This may sound like a very simple concept, but it is one area where too many businesses fail. That is where we come in. Our experts know how to create designs that do exactly what you want them to do. It doesn’t matter if you are in need of a social media campaign or web design. Our design services can and will help increase conversion rates. Let us show you how the proper design can bring in more customers.


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