Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

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Because we offer mobile application development services, many clients ask us whether their business should have an app. In the overwhelming majority of cases, having a mobile app won’t necessarily hurt your brand’s ability to grow and do business, but will having one always or even frequently be of some help to your brand? To determine the best answer for your business, there are a few more questions that should be explored first.

What can your brand offer in a mobile app format?

An app is all about giving users an experience that is unique to their mobile devices. If your brand has something to offer in that regard, then an app can be a great way to do it. Remember, though: An app is not just an extension of your mobile website. If you want to create an app that does the same thing your website does, you don’t have a viable app idea. Find a need that your mobile site either can’t or doesn’t fill currently, and that may be something that can be turned into a mobile app concept.

What is your demographic?

According to JD Power and Associates, the most prevalent app usage is among adults ages 18-24 (154 minutes per week). This should not come as a surprise, but it may be a revelation to learn that the next group to consume mobile apps in high numbers is the 35-44 age bracket (138 minutes per week). Interestingly, there is a gap in usage among 25-34 year-olds, who only use mobile apps for 120 minutes per week.

If your audience is in any of those age groups, you may be able to build a mobile app they can use. However, mobile app usage drops sharply in age group categories of 45 and older. If that age group is your primary audience, then investing in mobile application development may not be a wise idea.

Do you expect to make money?

A mobile app is not a guaranteed tool for an existing business to generate revenue. Some of the most successful mobile apps are free, and studies show that consumers are becoming less willing to pay for mobile apps at all. That means that app publishers must identify other ways their apps can support the needs of the business.

For example, your app could simply be a means of enriching the experience of your customers. If it catches on and becomes successful, it may be possible to generate revenue by selling advertising. Another idea is to enable in-app purchasing, which would allow users to make purchases once they are within the app. While there are ways to monetize a mobile app, the mere existence of the app is not a guarantee of profit.

A Realistic Approach to Mobile Application Development

If a brand has something unique to offer in mobile format, has an audience that fits the right demographics and has realistic expectations about revenue, then the business may be able to contribute a potentially successful mobile app. To learn if your mobile app idea is viable, contact the mobile app developmentteam at Crest Media today.


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