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News site Digg.com, earlier social bookmarking site, was completely removed from Google search base. First this removal noticed Martin MacDonald, Inbound Marketing director. He stressed that there is no evidence of the existence of the resource in the network, as if it had never been.

After an appeal to Google representatives, interested were explained that the removal was accidental and unintentional. According to them, if you delete spam links to the resource spam filter was applied to all the resource in general. The action has been canceled and the site will be in search results shortly.

The head Digg Jake Levine said that he had asked the corporation for more information on the incident, but received no answer to his questions. The head of the resource had known about the disappearance of the site from fans that made a lot of tweets on the subject.

According to Levine, the lock did not affect website traffic about 90% of its audience comes directly, so both users and businesses damage wasn't inflicted.

It is also interesting that the disappearance of Digg coincided with some changes in the company, which, according to some data, could turn Digg into an alternative Google Reader, which will be closed in July.


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