Did An SEO Expert Figure Out Lebron James' Trade Before An Announcement?

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With 3 major sports seasons having recently concluded, American sports fans everywhere are turning their attention to baseball, and player trade news for the sports not currently in progress. Die-hard sports fans all over the country are already looking ahead to the next season for sports like Basketball, Football & Hockey, and perhaps the biggest story of this summer’s trade news, is regarding the future home of NBA star, Lebron James. One die-hard NBA fan, an enterprising sports writer named , shared a conversation on Twitter, with an SEO/Web Developer friend, who may have just figured out where Lebron James is going, before any formal announcements from James or the teams involved.

Web developer friend's take on the stuff:

To summarize for non-techs, the color coding used on the new version of Lebron James’ personal website has been updated within the last few days, to reveal an upcoming website rebranding to match the colors of his old (and likely new) team: the Cleveland Cavaliers. While this is clearly not definitive proof of a trade, the effort being spent in determining the outcome of this story, before formal announcements have been made, is impressive to say the very least.

If nothing else, what we can learn from this, is that in the age of 24 hour news, if you want to get to the bottom of a story fastest, some creative web developer or internet marketer out there will probably find digital clues that will lead to a story’s outcome well before anyone else.

Did this SEO developer really figure out where Lebron is going before the announcement or is the news inaccurate? Are there downfalls in the business world to this level of creative research against competitors? Let us know by sounding off in the comments, below.


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