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Next SEO Training & Workshop

When: April 4, 6 & 6 – Denver, CO (9AM – 7PM)
Where: 605 Parfet Street Ste. 202 Lakewood, CO
Investment: $1,500 Early Bird Registration
Experience Level: Beginner – Intermediate

With 94 million Americans using the Internet on a daily basis, and 63% of those users accessing search engines on a daily basis, there’s no questioning that the search engine marketing industry has become the fastest-growing and most desired service industry in the world.

Due to the swift growth of search engine marketing, more and more self-proclaimed or uneducated search engine marketers are arriving in the market on a daily basis. This influx has caused many business owners to become weary of self-titled Search Engine Optimization Experts & Marketers, damaging the entire industries’ reputation.

Becoming a true SEO Professional  goes far beyond a simple understanding of Search Engine Optimization & Marketing. We believe that in order to be a true Search Engine Optimization & Marketing expert, one must fully understand the working elements of Web Development, On-Page Optimization Strategy, Off-Page Optimization Strategy, Social Media Marketing, and the history and benefit of search engine marketing.

The Search Engine Optimization industry changes often, therefore all CSP’s are required to take on-going refresher courses to maintain their accredited certificates.

CSP Certification was not designed for the faint of heart. It’s a very difficult course to pass. We require that every student pass with an 85% or higher grade on 3 challenging exams. The exams cover the basics to SEO & Web Development, advanced On-Page Optimization & SEO Tactics, and advanced Off-Page Optimization. Students are required to understand and memorize over 50 industry terms and be able to write and understand basic systems administration, including Linux Modules, .htaccess files, and various other types of technical concepts considered to be critical for a SEO Professional.

Additional Up & Coming SEO Training Events:

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
When: Feb 23, 2010 (10AM – 1PM)
Where: 605 Parfet Street Ste. 202 Lakewood, CO
Investment: $450
Experience Level: Beginner


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