Crest Media to Attend 2011 Google Agency Summit

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Our Southern California SEO company is excited to announce its presence at the 2011 Google Agency Summit, to be held at the infamous Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California on Wednesday, September 28th. This day-long event is a venue at which ourLos Angeles social media, PPC and search marketing firm is proud to make one of our most public appearances yet.

Along with other peers in the industry, we’ll be there to learn about the most current online marketing strategies recommended by Google. We’re also looking forward to receiving updates on important trends regarding:

SEO: Key speakers will be on hand disclosing information that can take a client’s SEO campaign to the next level. We’re looking forward to hearing them address some of the most common myths about Google AdWords, so we can adjust strategies for our Los Angeles SEO clients.

Pay Per Click: We’re told this event will include the opportunity to learn how to increase ROI on a client’sPay Per Click campaigns. Our Los Angeles/San Francisco PPC specialists always look for ways to help clients boost the bottom line.

Social Media: Our far reaching (everywhere from Dallas to San Francisco) social media client base can benefit from the information we’ll discover regarding YouTube and the still-untapped potential of other social networking sites.

Mobile Web Development: With our new mobile website design department ready to take clients’ mobile sites to the next level, we’re ready to learn mobile optimization strategies to help clients find new consumer segments.

Check back here soon for our review of the 2011 Google Agency Summit, and don’t be afraid to comment if you’d like to know about any of the topics addressed there. We’ll be excited to share them with you!


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