Crest Media Internet Marketing announces launch of their Google+ page

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We are pleased to announce that ourLos Angeles Social Media agency, Crest Media Internet Marketing, Inc., is now on Google+ business pages! Here, our readers can learn even more about SEO, Social Media, Web Development and Digital Publishing, as we expand our social reach to all corners of the internet. We will discuss the latest industry trends, breaking news, our company information and our own thoughts on the ever-changing web development and internet marketing industries.

As part of our continuing strategy for early adoption of all technologies relating to Social Media Marketing, SEO & Web Development, we look forward to using this new platform for enhanced client engagement and information sharing on all topics throughout our industry! As always, we welcome input and comments on our new social media page on what information we should be discussing and how we can help serve our current clients better. It is our hope that our visitors & readers feel compelled to speak on the topics, tips & news we’re presenting so that we can all learn from each other and gain valuable insight only gained from open social exchanges.

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You can find and add our Google+ Page.


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