Crest Media Announces Major Website Updates

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LOS ANGELES – A leading Southern California Web Development & Internet Marketing firm updates design & infrastructure of their website, offering new features, services pages and so much more!

As anyone who has visited our site before can obviously see, today we atCrest Media, Inc. have launched a brand new web design for our site. We’ve also made several updates to the site, in order to better organize and present our services to our prospective clients. As part of our new design, our visitors can now see all of our services in an easy to locate place on the page: namely, in a vertical navigation to the top-left of our page layout.

We’ve also separated our services from our company information so that businesses who may be curious about not just what we do, but also who we are, can research our SEO firm’s history, review our portfolio and reach out to us with significantly greater ease. And speaking of reaching out to us, our contact form is now easier to locate on our page design and easier to fill out. Expediting communication between us and our clients is of the utmost importance to us because we understand our clients’ time is immeasurably valuable!

Included in our services pages, are simple definitions of both: the specific service being researched, but also common industry terminology, so that our potential clients, can become better informed about what we do and how we do it. We’ve observed that oftentimes, business owners may not understand the differences between services like Internet Marketing or web design, or what the intended benefit is behind either. Defining the terminology in plain language helps to abate such confusion.

Our goal is to not only provide services to grow a business, but also to educate and empower business owners seeking clarity on how ethical, intelligent and adaptive marketing campaigns can establish their companies as cornerstone brands within their respective industries.

Yet another aim of our new website, is to provide our own performance data, product deliverables, unique features and specific actions encapsulated in our services, in order to foster a stronger environment of transparency. We’ve found that the most satisfied customers are the ones who know exactly what their web services budget pays for, in most cases even before they sign up! After all, knowing what one gets back from their Web Development investment is every bit as important as simply knowing what Web Development is.

These are but a few of the numerous updates we’ve already rolled out on our website and have slated for the future. Crest Media has many things planned to improve upon the services and information we provide and as we develop our methodology and knowledge-base further, so will our site be updated to better reflect what we can do for businesses of all types.

We encourage all of our readership and potential clients to familiarize themselves with our website and our services and then to check back often for more news and developments with our Southern California SEO firm and the Internet Marketing and Web Development industry at large.


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