Creating a Credible Landing Page for PPC

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Pay per click ads are a great way to get noticed, but they are only useful to increase conversion rates if the landing pages they link to are viewed as credible – both by Google and by users. Linking your PPC ad to a low quality landing page will only result in a failed pay per click campaign, because the bounce rate will be so high; users just don’t view a poorly executed landing page as being worth their time.

Plus, low quality landing pages equal a low Quality Score from Google; this hampers your ability to introduce additional keywords into the PPC campaign, and can make the cost-per-click (CPC) you pay much higher than it needs to be. To lower your CPC, improve conversion rate and make your entire PPC campaign more successful, it’s necessary to make your landing page as credible as possible.

How is This Done?

To answer this question, let’s examine how Google defines a quality PPC landing page. On the Google AdWords support page, a quality landing page is defined as:

  • Relevant
  • Transparent
  • Easy-to-navigate

With that in mind, you can improve the quality of your own landing page and protect the investment you have made in a pay per click management service by asking yourself these questions:

How Relevant is my Content?

Does your content answer the likely questions your user has – the questions that prompted him to search for a business like yours? Does it provide all the information he needs in order to make a conversion decision (filling out a contact form, calling or making a purchase)?

How Transparent is my Content?

Is your landing page a long form sales letter that never really answers anyone’s questions, or is it informational for the user and forthright about the offering being made? If you want a credible landing page, you want it to be the latter.

How Easily Navigable is my Page?

A crowded landing page is a low quality landing page. The landing page in a pay per click campaign should be just as easy to navigate as the main website. The contact form should be in the right margin, the content should be standard length, and the graphics and photos should be minimal – very minimal.

Make your Landing Pages Better

The more credible your landing page is, the better chance you have of raising your Quality Score; this will protect your investment in PPC and be more likely to increase conversion rates. For more information on starting a successful PPC campaign, contact Crest Media today. We are a pay per click company with years of experience, and can help your business get better visibility with PPC ads.


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