Conversion rate optimization via web site conversion optimization

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Web conversion optimization or website conversion optimization – has nothing common with search optimization. In this article we will discuss what conversion rate optimization is, and how to increase it.

In the field of e-commerce relationships between site owners and search engine are focused on search engine optimization (SEO). There will be no sales, if users can’t find your site. However, in addition, in a highly competitive growing market of e-commerce attention of webmasters is drawn mostly on web conversion optimization.

Most marketers believe that website conversion optimization is one of the main indicators of the advertising campaign effectiveness. Indeed, web conversion optimization is informative and captures the essence of what is happening, rather than CTR and other similar indicators.

Conversion rate optimization or the rate of website conversion optimization indicates the ratio between the numbers of orders placed by visitors from this site, to the total number of visitors. That is why many experts believe that conversion rate optimization indicates quality of traffic. Good website optimizer – is a good traffic and vice versa.

Web conversion optimization has nothing in common with search engine optimization. SEO is for search engine robots and spiders. Only two factors lie at the core of website conversion optimization. First are needs and motivation of site visitors, and the second is persuasive website content and easy navigation, which does not complicate the buying process. Any other assessments are a subset of these factors of conversion optimization strategies.

Web conversion optimization or conversion rate optimization – is a ratio between the numbers of targeted visitors to total visitors. Target visitor - is a person who fulfilled any targeted actions on website, such as made a purchase, logged, passed by a direct link, downloaded software, clicked on the banner and so on. That is, he made what advertisers, content owners or sellers wanted from him. Most site owners focus on advertising and purchase traffic to increase sales. But to pay for site advertising, which presents nothing - it's like throwing money away.

Conversion optimization makes your website work to increase sales from its own traffic. Imagine the situation: You are the owner of the supermarket. You spend a lot of money on advertising in order to attract more and more customers. However your supermarket is not very attractive place. It is hard to find something, and the buyer walks in circles hoping to find a carton of milk. Products lie in disorder, sellers are rude, it is very dirty everywhere. You did not consider necessity to take care of customer’s convenience, thinking that they will come to you anyway... May be, in such situation it is better to clean up your shop, make it comfortable and enjoyable place for customers hanging out? After all, if a buyer will like your shop once, he will come again and probably will take friends and even make free advertising for you!

Approximately in the same way conversion rate optimization or website conversion optimization works. The success of website optimizer is affected by such factors as:

  1. 1) The level of visitor’s interest depends on whether the visitor's expectations correspond to what he sees on the site.
  2. 2) Proposal attractiveness includes proposal itself and how it is presented. Visitor compares your web site with competitors. In order to make an offer more attractive, at first you should analyze your competitors.
  3. 3) Easiness of the process depends on website usability, which includes a variety of factors, beginning from flexible navigation and finishing with fast loading pages.

These factors give the desired result of website conversion optimization only in combination. Make conversion rate optimization and enjoy increasing of sales!


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