Conversion Optimization

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Conversion is the action of your website visitors becoming paying customers of your business; by that token, conversion optimization is the process by which your website visitors are encouraged to become your paying customers. Conversion is the baseline by which you can measure the effectiveness of your website, so focusing on your conversion rate and optimization are essential to your success.

To determine whether you are on the right track for website conversion optimization, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my website really generating leads (are people filling out the contact form or calling)?
  • Does the design of my site encourage people to stay on the page and increase conversion rates?
  • Is the written text (copy/content) on my site well-written? (If you are not sure, get a professional opinion!)
  • Is there a clear call to action at the bottom of each page? (More on that in a minute!)
  • Do I have a high volume of shopping cart orders, or are users abandoning their carts midway through their orders?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then your website is in need of conversion rate optimization. Crest Media offers conversion rate optimization services that can take your website from few leads, no purchases and high abandonment to leads by the dozens, sales all year long and loyal customers that visit your site routinely. We improve conversion rate with:

Web design: Your existing site design may be the root cause of your conversion problems. Everything from too much flash animation, to complicated navigation, to simplistic “under-designed” construction, to a poor shopping cart service can significantly hinder your conversion prospects. At Crest Media, our conversion rate optimization services include a thorough site analysis, during which we will determine what aspects of your web design can be improved upon for more conversions.

Content strategy: Your written content also plays a key role in the pursuit of conversions. If your content is poorly written, too long, not long enough or not optimized for search engines, then your conversions will undoubtedly suffer. Crest Media provides a website consultation that includes an in-depth analysis of your current content, as well as ideas for new content strategies that will encourage conversions. Then, we implement those strategies on a scheduled basis – and congratulate you as your conversions climb higher.

Calls to action: Without a call to action, many visitors just don’t act at all. A call to action is a short sentence that directs the user what action to take after reading your web page. It can be something as direct as, “Buy now!” to something as subtle as, “Take a moment to explore our site further” or “Contact us today to learn more.” While optimizing your content to increase conversion rate, Crest Media can incorporate calls to action that are commensurate with your brand’s image and your immediate conversion goals.

Website conversion optimization is the bottom line of everything we do at Crest Media Internet Marketing. To learn how we can help you improve conversion rate with conversion rate optimization services, contact us today for a free website analysis!


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