Content Is Critical For The Best In Web Design

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When you’re looking for the best results that you can get when it comes to your web design, you need to consider much more than the graphics, logos and navigation bars to get and keep customers at your site. As well, all the best seo techniques will get you the traffic that’s the Holy Grail everyone seems to be after, but you’re going to need great compelling content once you get the prospects to your door.

Content Is King

There’s a common mistake that seems to be disappearing but while it was prevalent, it cost many otherwise well designed websites business. It seems that businesses were either being told or they had decided on their own that keywords were to be stuffed into the content like pennies into a piggybank.

It was easy to find websites that had the increase in traffic that they were looking for but garbled content that met prospects when they arrived at the site. To that end, many businesses found that while their traffic increased, they had a low conversion rate that was due in part to the bad content.

Expanding Technologies?

And still there are others who think that the latest technologies might offset the need for good web content. They point to the advent of video for websites as a possible alternative for good well written web content, and while video is one of the major driving forces behind more conversions, it works best with good content and not in spite if it. Consider an example.

Professional Videos

Someone selling plumbing on the Internet wants to have the very best web design. They decide to hire a top notch seo company that drives the traffic to their site where the owner has made a professional looking video where he demonstrates why his product is the one the consumer can’t do without. The consumer is taken by the way that the product has a face and is further attracted by being able to see how the thing they’re considering actually works.

All that’s left to really seal the deal is more in depth information that the person can refer to at will, something they can read as many times as they want to give them the full package of rounded out information. Some information like statistics is always best referenced as written web content on the page.

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