California Web Design Companies Left Out of Webby Awards?

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Say it isn’t so! The 15th annual Webby Awards (yes, it’s been around that long), have come and gone, and we’re still scratching our heads at the list of nominees for the Professional Services category. Not because the nominees weren’t deserving (trust us, they were). Rather, we’re perplexed because it appears that every one of the nominees, including the winner, was an East Coast agency. Four out of the five nominees are New York-based, and the exception has offices in Atlanta and Tampa.

It’s true: There wasn’t a single Los Angeles web design firm among the bunch, but we wish them hearty congratulations nonetheless. Speaking of the bunch, who are they? Interactive agency Blenderbox ( took the cake for the award, while the People’s Voice win went to, the online presence for full service agency Chandelier Creative.

The remaining nominees were 22 Squared (, Johannes Leonardo (, and Vaughan Hannigan ( All of these companies have amazing sites, whether it’s attributed to animation, exceptional graphics, or out of this world functional interactivity. As for their services, a few specialize solely in web design, while others provide full service branding for print campaigns as well. No matter their scope of services, there’s no doubt that they all deserved to be recognized by for their outstanding websites!

As for Crest Media, we’ll continue to hold down the fort on the West Coast side of the web design world. Trust our Southern California web design agency to provide you with quality designs that serve the needs of your audience. We can create static or dynamic websites, outfitted with as many or as few features as you like: flash animations, virtual tours, photo galleries, streaming video, shopping carts…you name it, we can provide it. Contact us today for more information!


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