California SEO Experts Still Wrapping Their Heads Around Google Sparks

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The recent launch of Google’s own social networking site, Google+, has many SEO professionals asking what they are supposed to do in order to rank well within Google Sparks?

This new Google+ feature, which aims to promote debate by grouping content selections that pertain to a topic the user is interested in, has been called “a simple way to share recommendations” by research analysts. But for site owners who want their piece of the growing social media pie, the opportunity to position their SEO for good rankings in the Sparks database is still in limbo. Even our Los Angeles SEO team has been struggling to fully master the Sparks algorithm since Google + was introduced last week.

Fortunately, there is hope for those who want Google Sparks to work for them. In an interview, Google technical manager Dewitt Clinton revealed that the algorithm was still in its infancy, and users would likely notice improvements in the near future.

He explained, “New algorithms over a new corpus. Still very much in flux and being further expanded and tuned. I’m sure we’ll give a tech talk eventually about the technology behind Sparks, but these are very early days still. Watch this space.”

In fact, SEO expert Barry Schawrtz even stated that it was almost impossible to devise a tactic to rank highly on Sparks at . If these SEO experts are still wrapping their heads around Google Sparks and Google+ as a whole, then our California SEO team can certainly take its time figuring them out as well.

What we do know is that now is hardly the time to abandon tried and true principles of ethical, or “White Hat” SEO. Its highly unlikely that Google Sparks’ algorithm would adhere to relatively unfavorable SEO tactics that would drastically differ from their organic web search algorithm. While this is hardly an airtight guarantee to insuring good ranking & high visibility within Sparks, its still good practice, if one expects to rank on just about any Google property…or every other reputable search engine for that matter.

One thing of which our readers can be certain, is this: when we do learn how to create an effective strategy for Google+, we’ll be sure to let our readers know!


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