California SEO Advice for Global Tech Giants

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Covario, which provides SEO to some of the world’s largest brands, recently reported that two global tech giants tied for first place in a study that analyzed search engine optimization practices.

Using SEO Audit Score technology to measure high-tech advertisers from zero to 100, on how well their websites were optimized between April and May 2011 for the keywords that define their product categories, the study found that T-Mobile demonstrated “outstanding” link-building performance, coming in 30 points higher than the link average. It tied with fellow tech titan IBM for that specific honor.

While SEO seems to be strong among many of the brands, it turns out that many of the world’s largest tech companies “have much to learn when it comes to link building,” the study revealed. Arnel Leyva, theSan Diego SEO company’s director of product marketing, said most companies earned a letter grade audit score no better than a C when it comes to link building. T-Mobile may be an exception, but for the most part, companies are struggling to find firm footing in linking strategies.

“Linking is still very difficult,” Leyva said. “You can automate just so much, and the rest is based on relationship building.” Linking strategies between “old-guard” and “new-guard” tech brands proved quite interesting. For “old-guard” software companies like IBM and Microsoft, traditional elements like content and technical factors were the strong suit – but “newer” strategies like linking, not so much. Conversely, “new guard” or post-Internet age brands like T-Mobile and Dell are more social, and as a result appear to score better with techniques.

If the study reveals nothing else, it’s that some of the world’s most established technology brands could stand to receive a crash course in link building. If a California SEO company like Covario is the one to provide it, we issue them our sincere congratulations!


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