Brands and the Facebook News Feed

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Facebook is making changes to the News Feed again – but for brands that ask their social media agency or marketing staff not to waste their budgets buying up Facebook ad space, it may be good news. It started when the social media giant conducted a survey to ask users what kind of content they prefer to see in the News Feed, just ahead of other recent changes to ad image sizes, placement of ads and video integration. The questions, published on the blog Marketing Land, included:

  • “How satisfied are you with the ads you see in your News Feed?”
  • “In general, how interesting are the stories in your News Feed?”
  • “To what extent do you agree or disagree that each of the words below describes your News Feed?”

Those “words” were:

  • Entertaining
  • Annoying
  • Interesting
  • Corporate
  • Informative
  • Addictive
  • Personal
  • Commercial

As any social media agency expert will tell you, Facebook has a reason behind everything it does. This survey is no exception. It appears that the company is attempting to take the temperature of users when it comes to the News Feed, particularly where ads are concerned.

Should brands be worried?

Not at all. As Facebook director of engineering Jocelyn Goldfein was overheard saying recently, brandsare on Facebook to enhance the experience for all users. People now expect brands to be accessible to them on Facebook, and they like the ability to engage with those brands to show support or request customer service. If Facebook did anything to change or discourage that, it would be a death sentence.

What may change, however, is the priority given to paid advertisements on Facebook. When the most recent News Feed algorithm was unveiled, Facebook explained that only high quality social content thought to be relevant to users’ interests will continue to surface in the News Feed. That stands to reason that brands not currently utilizing paid Facebook advertising may actually benefit from the new algorithm.

What about brands that do take advantage of Facebook Ads?

Brands that are already taking advantage of paid advertisements on Facebook will need to refine the message in those promoted posts; they should be less commercial, and more engaging in order to be considered valuable enough to appear in the News Feed.

By staying engaging and continuing to offer the audience value in everything they post, brands will have nothing to worry about when it comes to the new News Feed algorithm. For questions on achieving optimal Facebook engagement with one’s audience, contact Crest Media, an established social media agency servicing clients nationwide.


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