Blogworld 2011 Social Media Expo is Coming to Los Angeles!

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It’s been about a month since Blogworld 2011 took place in New York, with speakers including Wine Library’s Gary Vaynerchuk, author and former Kodak exec Jeffrey Hayzlett, novelist H.P. Mallory, Allen & Gerritsen SVP Mike Schneider, Chris Brogan, Chris Pirillo and many others. Attendees benefited from sessions that addressed such topics as:

  • •  How to Write For and Engage the 50+ Marketplace Online
  • •  Teaching Social Media When the Content is always changing
  • •  Removing the Legalese from Contracts for Bloggers Prepared for Mobile?
  • •  QR Codes, Text and Apps
  • •  What Works & What Doesn’t 365 Days to a Household Name
  • •  Balancing Books & Business
  • •  Building Your Content Bubble
  • •  Social Media Trends For Business

Blogworld may be the name of this conference; but as you can see from the session titles above, it involves far more aspects of the online spectrum than blogging and can benefit professionals throughout the broader search, social media agency and web development industry. More appropriately, the full title is Blogworld and New Media Expo 2011, with content that includes a broad array of topics in social media, marketing, advertising, publishing, mobile development, SEO, gaming and more.

Blogworld Expo 2011 in LA isn’t happening until November 3rd-5th, but past years have had maximum capacity attendance and the July 15th deadline for speaking proposal submissions is fast approaching, so for social media gurus, bloggers and internet marketers alike, now is the perfect time to start planning for this event!

If can benefit your social media agency or Los Angeles SEO firm or if you’re simply interested in learning about how blogging & social media can help grow your business, why not register for the event today? For those who can’t make it, check back with us for updates and a recap, following the event.


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