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When and if someone asks you what it is that a blog does, you could very well be stuck for an answer. For people working in the world of ecommerce, the answer is simple. They use blogs to attract the attention from the search engines and sell their products and services. But there are lots of other uses for these blogs as well and some of them include:

  • finding long lost friends
  • looking for former classmates
  • socializing with like minded people at social networking sites

So like a lot of other things that you find on the Internet, you will need to decide where you fit in and that will in turn determine the kind of blog that you write. One of the things that you should really consider is submitting your blog to a directory so that it will get maximum exposure. Often there’s a misconception here that some of these social directories are useless to the business types that would use them for commerce purposes but this isn’t usually the case. Quite often there’s a crossover that allows the business type to take full advantage of the networking site they choose.

Rules Still Apply

However, you still need to be aware that the old rules apply to both the content and the keywords that you’ll use. First a note on the blog content. Remember that it’s one thing to attract traffic but quite another to have something there for them when they arrive. Remember that the content needs to be professionally written and the keywords need to be strategically located so that you’ve got the perfect balance that attracts both the clients and the search engines. As well, you’ll need to consider that the best rankings generally go hand in hand with fresh content.

That’s just another case to be made for hiring a ghost writer who can look after the content, keywordplacement as well as the tags that most blogs needs to attract the right attention to your site. Remember to that’s its a good idea to have a look on the Internet for a catalog that can place your blog in the right category.

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