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Experts noticed strange additional links in Bing search results in snippets. So, searching for [google] you get “deep links” to Facebook, eBay and Craigslist directly under the main search results for Google.

Despite the assumption of a certain bug, Bing representatives responded to , that is being tested new functionality and the unexpected appearance of links to other resources in popular snippets for Google – it is also a part of the experiment. His logic is that more deeply “understand” navigational users' queries (presumably, Bing believes that when a user searches Google, he does it, only to go through it on Facebook and other sites.)

"We believe that getting people to their ultimate destination more quickly helps them get things done more quickly" – said Bing representatives.

Despite the seeming absurdity of such deep links to other sites, Bing's approach has a certain logic. Such requests are among the most popular navigational queries. According to Experian, released a couple of weeks ago, the most popular search term in the world – “Facebook”, the second “YouTube”, followed by “Craigslist” and somewhere in the seventh line is “eBay”.

After the publication of this experiment in the trade press, Bing stopped to show “deep links”, explaining that testing at this stage was completed, but in addition will be in the future.


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