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Bing announced a large-scale social , which will provide several times more information from Facebook, compared to the previous version. Bing even more integrated Facebook into their own search tools by adding more content from the social network to search results. In addition to photos, which can already were seen on the side of the search in the previous version, now users will see friends status updates, shared links and comments.

In all cases where the registered users who type in search box the query Bing, will be useful information on general references or comments published by his friends, the user will immediately see the data on the side bar of social search. Users will more easily see the experts they are looking for among their friends. And more information users can get not only from Facebook, but also from other social networks and services – Twitter, Quora and Foursquare.

Bing notes that users will not see any of the things that is prohibited by privacy settings. The search result gets only the information that is allowed by users (access).

In addition to bringing in social search more data, Bing has somewhat changed social panel design. When you point to the picture of your friend on the social panel, you will see an additional information.


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