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It pays to be a social butterfly. Not the kind that floats around at business mixers and cocktail parties, on the hunt for business cards and contact information from prospects. Those days are becoming a thing of the past. Any savvy entrepreneur must stay up to date with social networking in order to engage potential customers, boost profitability and enjoy enhanced brand awareness.

E-Local Rank can help your company accomplish this and more. As a first-rate Internet marketing firm, we’ll help your business swat down the competition by implementing revolutionary search engine optimization techniques to revive sluggish profits. Every organization can benefit from more users on its business website, which can be converted to paying customers. One of the ways to achieve this is through social Bookmark services. This is a common, effective way to get high quality links directed back to your domain. It can also put you on the radar of the big three search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, because your site will be submitted in relevant category with the proper tags.

At E-Local Rank, our team of experts is standing by with a social bookmark submission services plan that is reliable and highly effective. This strategy can help grow your business and reposition your business in the following ways:

A high volume of traffic. Social bookmark submissions can be a great boon to your business. Social bookmarking sites now boast hundreds of millions of users, who are daily uploading, updating, archiving and sharing information with other users. Couldn’t you benefit from that traffic? As more visitors read your bookmarked entries, their popularity increases and your site traffic goes up exponentially. As you gain more visitors, your pre-qualified direct leads and customers will improve. Remember this point: On social bookmarking websites, such as Pinterest and Delicious, active online surfers are always looking for exciting and interesting content to post. Provide them with exciting data, and they’ll bookmark you, giving you extra links back to your site. By doing these, you’ll receive a hefty portion of unique page views, more inbound links and more brand recognition.

Social bookmarking for SEO can help brand your business. Your brand is the emotions and connectivity consumers experience when using your products and services. But if you aren’t steadily increasing your profits and expanding your audience, your brand will grow stagnant. No business owner wants that fate to befall him or her. If you have a well-defined brand, it will be simple to create a custom-made strategy to project your corporate image. By using a bookmarking service, you can alert your readers to the things you consider indicative of your corporate personality. Your site is exposed to a vast number of potential customers, increasing your visibility and promoting a positive online presence.

Increased backlinks. Social bookmarking websites are magnets for millions of viewers in search of suggested sites. By submitting quality content to these sites, more users will link to your content, resulting in relevant one-way links. They will also feel compelled to share this content on their social media platforms. This, in turn, leads to increased page rankings. At E-Local Rank, we target useful bookmarking sites that generate a substantial number of visitors. We’ll also keep a record of submitted sites to avoid duplication. Since our social bookmarking service is manually performed, it is an ongoing process that must be properly maintained. At E-Local Rank, we’ll verify your backlinks and perform any updates, if necessary. We comply with the terms and conditions of dofollow social bookmarking sites to keep our client accounts in good standing.

Internal linking. Another excellent off-page optimization strategy to use in conjunction with our stellar social bookmarking submission service is internal linking.Deep linking is a vital element of search engine optimization best practices, but not many site owners take advantage of this tactic. Smart business owners know that it’s important to compose content with previous articles in mind to link back to. Viewers are then compelled to click on the links within the content that directs them to additional information on the same site. Internal linking allows users to navigate to the inner pages of your website, and it plays a pivotal role in elevating page ranking. E-Local Rank’s seasoned writers can help spruce up your back pages. When we submit this content to article directories, niche blogs and highly trafficked website, we use the URL to the inner web pages, not your main page. This sends a message to the major search engines that your site content isn’t focused solely on your front page. Google considers sites that employ superficial linking as low quality websites, which results in a low page ranking. E-Local Rank can help you optimize your internal linking structure by using relevant anchor text, with keywords, of course, to link to other pages of your website. 

Optimized press releases. Press releases aren’t just great for advertising a new business venture. Press releases that have been optimized for search engines will help promote a positive message about your company, lead to greater visibility and increase brand awareness. At E-Local Rank, our professional writing team will submit SEO press notices to hundreds of wire services and highly trafficked niche websites. These off-page optimized tools contain relevant keywords and core phrases and anchor texts with hotlinks back to your main site. An optimized PR notice will help generate backlinks, or incoming links, from reputable sites, which can lead to potential media coverage. Optimized press releases are highly effective tools to spread the word about your goods and services in a powerful way.

Soar past your corporate rivals with our superior bookmarking submission service. Today’s technology demands that a successful business maintain a robust online presence and stays plugged in to the needs of its audience. Our highly trained professionals at E-Local Rank know what it takes to sharpen your cyber edge. Request a FREE CONSULTATION today from for all your online marketing needs. Send an email [email protected] or call Toll Free 855-Go Local (855-405-6225). Let us get results for your company today!


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