Baidu launched its browser for Africa and Middle East | News

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Chinese search engine Baidu together with Orange announced the launch of a for users in Africa and the Middle East.

Baidu browser pre-installed on new Android devices, which are sold through the Orange network in the region.

The browser is designed to reduce the volume of data, and to allow users to create bookmarks for convenient services such as Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter.

According to Orange representatives, the demand for Android devices in Egypt, for example, during the first half of 2012 has increased twice.

This partnership enables Baidu to demonstrate their interest in other markets, except China, where the company is a leader in the search.

Baidu officially launched its Android browser in China in September 2012.

However, the project browser Baidu-Orange is separate and created exclusively for the Orange company, said Xavier Perret vice president of strategic business development and partnership.

Terms of partnership between the two companies are not disclosed, but according to Perret, the agreement was more for convenience, not for profit.

The browser is already launched in Arabic and English, soon will be released French version.


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