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There’s another new tool for brands to put in their social media arsenal: Facebook photo comments! It’s been a few weeks since Facebook implemented the photo comments feature on personal accounts; now, it is allowing brand Pages to comment with photos as well. According to a Facebook spokesperson, “Leaving a photo comment is as simple as clicking on the camera icon next to the comment box, and uploading an image from your computer.” If you haven’t noticed it yet, check your brand and personal pages now; you will see the camera icon in the comment box under each post.

Here is an example of how a brand may wish to use this fun Facebook feature, based on one of the most common dilemmas companies encounter in their social media experiences:

Let’s say a brand wants to encourage customers to post a photo of themselves using the company’s product. In the past, the brand’s social media agency would need to adjust the settings on the page to allow users to post on the company’s wall. If your brand preferred not to allow this, then it would not be able to ask users to post photos – so, it would not be able to take part in the popular practice of asking customers to share their images.

But with this new change, brands can keep their preferred settings intact, while still enjoying the benefits of user-shared photos. And not only can users leave photo comments on brand pages, but the page admins themselves can, too. Whether the admin is the business owner, an employee or a social media agency, he can respond to posts and comments using a photo. Better still, page admins can turn photo comments on and off as they see fit.

So, will photo comments replace the value of the written comment? We certainly hope not. Facebook allows the commenter to type in text that accompanies photo comments, and we highly recommend that brands make the most of that. A picture may say a thousand words, but you need some text to accompany your photo comments. This not only adds clarity to your message, but also shows users that you care enough to write them something.

Although this is a great new development for Facebook brand pages, it should be noted that Facebook photo comments are not yet perfected – primarily because they are only available for desktop and mobile web browsing. In other words, they are not accessible to Facebook mobile app users just yet. So while this new function is great for a social media agency that is answering user comments from an office environment, it is not yet available to the business owner that wants to post photo comments from his Facebook mobile app. However, it seems highly likely that Facebook will implement this capability in the near future.

Ask your social media agency about using Facebook photo comments

If your social media agency is not yet using photo comments on your brand’s page, let them know you would like them to start. Like everything, it should be done in moderation – but even a little photo commenting can make a big impact.


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