Arizona Pay Per Click Services...with an Odd Twist

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Now this is entrepreneurship! The story of 21 year-old Arizona State University student Tyler Ross is inspiring for Internet enterprisers. The young man has become an Arizona pay per click (PPC) expert, by creating his own online advertising business to raise money for school tuition. Sounds like every other young entrepreneur these days? There’s more to the story, though. Like others, Ross sells advertising space to promote businesses and websites; but unlike others, Ross’ advertising business is marketed as being “Doomsday-proof.”

How does it work? His website, Pyramid of Pixels, denounces any of the Doomsday events alleged to occur on December 21, 2012 – the date that some have thought to be the end of the world. Ross guarantees his customers will enjoy online advertising for at least five years, which is well beyond the aforementioned date. Previously, the site successfully denounced this year’s predicted Doomsday date, May 21, 2011. Unlike most advertising businesses that offer PPC services, Pyramid of Pixels sells advertising space for a one-time payment. And the “pyramid” name? It goes hand in hand with the theme, of course; if you’ll recall, the 2012 Doomsday date is in conjunction with the Mayan calendar.

At Crest Media, we provide Arizona pay per click services as well; however, only Pyramid of Pixels offers the guarantee of, “Providing unique advertising all day, every day…even on doomsday!” Good luck to ; we wish him well in his endeavor to pay for his education with Internet advertising.


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