Are You Using the Full Potential of Your Website to Capture Email Addresses?

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Email marketing has been a staple marketing tool for years and the businesses who have been building their email lists are now starting to see the huge benefits because some of the other more modern Internet marketing methods are slowing down. Facebook continues to limit how many people see business posts and Twitter click through rates are falling as well. Having and owning an active email subscriber list is the perfect way to avoid these issues.

There are plenty of excellent ways to build your email list but none are quite as powerful as using your own website. Here are some ideas for growing your email list using only your website and a few other easy to use tools.

Are You Using Popups and Slide-ins?

Using a popup or slide-in is currently one of the most effective ways to collect plenty of email addresses, but where and how often should you utilize these popular email collecting methods? Using popups too often can do more damage than good. You have to strategically place these in the right places on your website and smack in the middle of the home page is a really bad idea.

Exit Popups

Using exit popups is a great way to get people interested in signing up to your email list. An exit popup only makes an appearance when someone attempts to leave your website. With the correct wording or the correct offer, people will find it really difficult to resist an exit popup.

The whole idea is finding the right balance with the popup. You don’t want to annoy your visitors and you definitely don’t want them leaving your website because you have over used the popup.

Building the Popup

Another problem business owners face with using popups is getting one that matches your current website design and branding. Sleeknote is one of the easier tools that helps you get the job done. Sleeknote uses a visual creation tool that makes it very easy to create a popup that fits perfectly into your current design plans. Sleeknote also offers an excellent A/B split testing tool that helps you determine which popup design is working the best.

List Builder

The people behind List Builder offer a free tool that will help you build a somewhat custom popup. You get to choose your basic design, layout, text and color. The free version gives you the basics but if you can fit the paid version into your budget, then you will have some better tools at your disposal.

WordPress Popup Choices

WordPress has quickly helped the Internet become a better place. There are millions of websites powered by the easy to use software package. There are a handful of great plugins that will let you put popups in the most strategic places.

Pippity is the perfect example. You can easily add a popup to your website and make it fit right in with this handy plugin.

Opt-in Popup by Elegant Themes is also another easy to use option. In fact, this plugin comes preloaded with quite a few very powerful themes. You can easily customize colors, text, fonts and designs.

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Don’t overlook the potential of your current website. All of the tools mentioned above will help you squeeze more email addresses from your website. It is up to you to determine where and how often they should be used.


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