Are Demographics the Key to Better Email Marketing?

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In some ways, they are. Everyone from marketing experts to successful businesses have touted the importance of segmenting their email audience in order to improve conversion rate. Knowing the audience demographics, categorizing them into groups and customizing messages for each group accordingly can do wonders for a failing email campaign. Here are some ideas for “demos” to consider when segmenting your audience into groups.

Customers that Buy Specific Products or Services

Remember, people will only open (much less read) an email marketing message that concerns the specific offer they would be likely to take advantage of. So with that in mind, ask yourself: Do I have different consumer audiences for each of the different products and services I offer (or categories of those products and services)? If so, customize different email messages for each of those groups.

Customers vs. Prospective Customers

There is a difference in the way you want to address a prospective customer, vs. someone you have already done business with before. For example, thanking someone for their business when they haven’t given it to you yet is likely to be a turn off when reading your email. Make sure you craft separate email marketing letters for those who have not yet bought from you.

For instance, if they signed up for your newsletter at the trade show, your message should be designed to tell them more about your brand. Then, existing customers can receive a message that addresses the topics you believe will help you earn their return business.

Customers that Fit Traditional Demographics

When we hear the term “marketing demographics,” we normally think of customary groupings such as gender and income level. Those traditional demographics may not be as relevant in the modern marketplace as they were in bygone eras, but that doesn’t mean marketers should discount them altogether.

There is still something to be said for appealing to the gender that makes up the majority of your customer base; furthermore, it’s just smart business to understand the income level of your customers and appeal to the interests of that group. There’s nothing insensitive about recognizing the demographics you are targeting; if anything, it shows that your brand is socially conscious.

Use Your Demographics to Increase Conversion Rates on Email Marketing

No matter how many obstacles you’ve encountered in the past, it is possible to improve the conversion rate on email marketing messages. Understanding your demographics and being willing to segment the audience appropriately is the first big step.


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