Android Application Development

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Since launching in 2008, Android has taken the mobile world by storm. As of August 2012, there were 295,000,000 Android phones sold worldwide. As a result, Android apps are in high demand. There are numerous mobile devices that are supported by the Android operating system, including the:

  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Motorola Backflip
  • T-Mobile G2
  • Nexus One
  • LG Ally

Thanks to the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy, Samsung is now regarded as Apple’s top smartphone competitor. For the business owner that wants an Android app, this is a win-win; it means that you can’t go wrong with an Android app. Here are some more quick facts* that are worth noting if you are interested in Android application development for your business:

  • By the second quarter (Q2) of 2012, Android had a 64% share of the smartphone market.
  • Also in Q2 2012, Samsung, which utilizes Android apps, sold double the smartphones of Apple.
  • As of September 2012, there were over 500,000 apps in the Android market.

For businesses that are just starting out in mobile application development, this means that Android apps are just as important, if not more important, than iPhone apps. You need to be able to offer both Android and Apple apps in order to make a name for your app and capture the largest audience of mobile users possible. It also means that you need an exceptional firm to handle your Android application development.

Android Application Development from Crest Media

Crest Media can develop an Android app for your business that is totally customized, optimized for content consumption and ready to tap into the incredible business opportunities that the Android platform offers you. Do you have an idea for the next addictive game or intuitive app service? We can make your vision come to life.

Or, perhaps you are a business owner who knows that an Android app is the best way to reach the mobile audience – but you aren’t sure what kind of app you want. If so, Crest Media provides Android application development services that include all the consultation you need. We can recommend app models that are conducive to your brand and supportive of your business goals. When the final product is unveiled, we are confident you will be impressed.

For more information on Android application development services, contact Crest Media today. We will be glad to answer your app development questions and discuss ideas for Android apps that may fit your business model.



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