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Correct and precise choice of agency (SEO) largely determines success of a paid website promotion in general. Below you will find a few tips to help you make the right choice. Choosing of company search engine optimization - is one of the most important components of paid promotion. In the field of modern search engine promotion difference in skills of specialists is very much noticeable. The market situation is such that, firstly, none of search engine optimization agencies are going to share their secrets (as a result - everyone has their own experience, the most effective in certain situations), and second, no any agency (SEO) will give you 100% guarantee that you will be on the top of search engine (this is usually an advertising trick, the reality is much more difficult), and thirdly, the market is full of all kinds unskilled workers, and obvious scams.

The first thing to consider when signing a contract with agency (SEO) - is financial guarantees. Optimization for occupying top places in search engine is a risky business, and you should be very clear about what would happen if the operation will fail or dates will be thwarted. The usual practice is either company search engine optimization return funds or a guarantee of work up to result from search engine optimization agencies, or payment on the fact (e.g., monthly based on results). On the other hand, generally, the greater guarantees you need, the higher the prices, for example, if you pay on the fact they usually grow to 20%, as in this case company (SEO) takes all risks.

It is good practice to work with company (search engine optimization) that was engaged in creation of your resource. Creating a web site - is rather complex and lengthy process: certainly you will have time to form an opinion about professionalism of the company (SEO) and business reputation. A detailed study of portfolio and methods of work - is a good way to reduce the risk. Contact with a couple of clients of search engine optimization agencies and ask them about the results. Evaluate requests for which agency (SEO) forms a portfolio: the more popular and the shorter the query is, the greater a chance that the company search engine optimization is able to cope with complex tasks.

Pay attention to the fact of regular reports sending, it says about thoughtfulness and the use of "white" methods of promotion. Check by possibility search engine optimization agencies staff: it should be listed several content managers and seo professionals. And, of course, look at what places does agency (seo) takes in search engines.

Website Promotion: private owner or company search engine optimization?

Option One: SEO freelancer

You can find SEO freelancer on the sites of freelancing. It is a good option if you want to save money, but this variant has also many disadvantages. Firstly, you are at enough risk, because you will not be able to communicate with a freelancer "face to face". Delayed dates and non-return prepayments – are unfortunately quite common situations.

Option Two: agency (SEO)

Plus dealing with company (seo) - is the work under the contract, which means certain guarantees. In addition, SEO service – is not one person (who is not under force to be an ace in copywriting, programming, and design - in one time), but a team of professionals who have "got used" to each other, and thus fulfill your order qualitatively, in time and by legal means only.

However, fraudsters can be everywhere, so before you sign a contract, make sure in reliability of the company search engine optimization. At the same time, search engine optimization agencies with the promoted brand will offer you inflated prices, so if you're strapped for cash, it is better to apply for "average" company (SEO).


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