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Affordable SEO optimization methods

affordable website promotionAffordable website promotion or affordable SEO optimization – is an important question for many small and medium businesses. Prices for web promotion services are one of decisive factors. But at first we should understand what website traffic promotion is and what methods refers to affordable web promotion services or affordable SEO optimization.

Many people think that site optimization and website traffic promotion are the same things. However, this is not the case. In the process of site optimization site diagnostic and repair works are carried out, SEO content is placed, the site is made for website traffic promotion in search engines. Website optimization - it's internal works with "filling" of the site - with the texts and codes.

Website promotion services in search engines are a set of external measures aimed at improving visibility of websites in search engines. Search engines like sites which have many natural thematic links from authoritative sites. Consequently, the more of such links are - the higher site is in search results under otherwise equal conditions.

Affordable website promotion or affordable SEO optimization can be in various ways. Rapid methods of web promotion services in search engines mean faster results and necessity of periodic financial support. Long-term site optimization methods with so-called "eternal" references suggest slower result, but its stability for many years without further major financial injection on website traffic promotion.

Site optimization by links from reference exchange.

The reality is that search engines have learned to identify natural links. Purchased links are less taken into account each year by Yandex and Google. Links are possible to obtain from different places; they can be exchanged, bought in stock exchanges of reference, register in directories. The disadvantage of such SEO website traffic promotion method of purchased links is the necessity of periodic payments. If you stop to pay for links – site will "fall". So, it can’t be called –«affordable SEO optimization».

Features of SEO website promotion services with eternal links.

There are more expensive (at first), but more compensated method of website optimization in the future.  These are web promotion services with use of articles. The essence of such website promotion method is following - we place articles with advertising character with links to your website on the authoritative resources. Links transfer weigh from the donor site, after indexing of those links your site rises in search results for key phrases included in link text. 

Search engine optimization with method of articles can’t be called affordable website promotion or affordable SEO optimization. Advantage of website traffic promotion method with articles is an eternity links you pay just once and get eternity quality links. There is only one disadvantage - a large initial financial investment that will pay off only after few years. Therefore, a web promotion services with method of articles are used more often for long-term expensive projects.

Affordable website promotion or affordable SEO optimization can be also through blogs and social networks. This method is good for low competitive themes and works well for web promotion services for new sites with the aim of their indexing in search engines and public awareness.

In practice of site optimization optimizers use all these methods as a whole, or separately, depending on the realities, challenges and client’s financial possibilities. So, affordable website promotion or affordable SEO optimization depends on site optimization method that was used.


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