AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Info for PPC Advertisers

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As you may have heard, Google recently transitioned all AdWords accounts to “enhanced campaigns,” a model that was first introduced in February (around the same time as some changes toGoogle Maps). That means the company will now retire its traditional PPC model (aka AdWords “legacy”). Although giving yourself a pay per click management upgrade with this feature was optional before July 22, it is now a mandatory shift that Google will make for you and all AdWords account holders (if the switch hasn’t been made already).

What is the point of enhanced campaigns for pay per click? Google is marketing the update as a set of useful additions to AdWords advertisers, to help them “reach customers in a multi-device, always-on, location-changing world.” Here are some of the benefits it promises to deliver with enhanced PPC campaigns:

Cross-Platform Support on all Devices

This is being billed as the most promising new feature for the new AdWords, as it will allow advertisers to track conversion performance across multiple devices. With enhanced campaigns, anytime a user clicks on a mobile ad and that click leads to a sale – even if the sale is made on the user’s desktop – the sale will be credited back to that initial mobile click (so long as the user is logged in to Google on both devices). This cross-platform support will be available for combinations of mobile, tablet and desktop – yes, all devices!

Bid Enhancements Based on Contextual Data

The new enhanced campaigns for pay per click management customers (AdWords advertisers) to make new and improved bid adjustments based on various contextual factors. For instance, an account holder can bid up for his ad in the context of mobile viewers who are within “x” number of miles of his location during certain daytime hours. If he owns a restaurant, and he wants to reach mobile searchers who are within 5 miles of his establishment at lunch time, he can raise his bid to reach those specific users.

Better Metrics across Demographics and Devices

Measuring the effectiveness of a pay per click campaign gets easier with the AdWords enhanced campaigns upgrade. Google promises that it has made advances in analytics that will allow for better segmentation and multi-device marketing tracking. As we mentioned above, the connection between clicks and sales can be tracked across multiple devices – but even more segmenting data about the user will now be visible.

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Features

Pay per click management is a complex field in the larger online marketing landscape. If any aspect of PPC is confusing, it may be a task better left to a pay per click company that can handle the job for you. After all, a PPC campaign needs to be continually monitored in order to be effective – and most business owners just don’t have the time. If you are interested in speaking with a pay per click specialist, Crest Media will be glad to take your call.


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