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One of the cornerstones of any good San Diego email marketing campaign is the list of customers that you can share information with over the Internet. This is called an opt in list and this is the way that a professional seo  company will get you the traffic and sales that you’ve been looking for.

The idea is simple. You want prospects to find and your website and once there, you want them to do one of three things.

  • Buy something. The most obvious end result.
  • Register so that you can use the information gathered as part of a lead generation program.
  • Collect some other information and addresses that you can use for some future marketing program.

And the opt in list is at the center of that process. Remember that it’s important that you show that you’re are serious about being responsible with the information that you collect and that’s why it’s a great idea to get the people putting together your San Diego email marketing campaign to draft a privacy policy that all your prospects can read and refer to.

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