A Small Look Into the Psychology of the Social Media World

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Understanding your target market is the key to successful business. The more you understand your current customers, the better you can relate to them. Relationships build trust and trust can quickly turn into more sales. This is a very simple concept but it can be extremely difficult to get a full understanding of a target market in today’s widespread, diverse social media world.

A lot of understanding comes from being able to gauge just how well your customers are responding to different types of posts. They may not always make their engagement known, but you can bet they are listening. Conducting and analyzing social media psychology experiments are becoming an increasingly common practice for brands endeavoring to optimize customer engagement opportunities based on reactions to their content.

Add Some Emotion To Your Posts

Emotions that get shared online are the equivalent of the common cold in and elementary school. They can spread very, very quickly. This is especially true when it comes to happiness. A recent user study has proven this fact.

During this study over one billion Facebook posts were studied over a period of two years. The study used weather as a catalyst to try and determine how emotions spread through social media. In order to do this, posts from days when the weather was dull, dark and rainy were looked at closely. These are the times when people are more likely to post things of a negative nature. The conclusion was that negative emotions quickly spread from one part of the globe to another.

Here’s the interesting part about this test. Negative emotions have been proven to spread quickly, but positive or even happy emotions have been proven to spread even faster. On average, the negative posts generated just under 1.30 more negative posts where the positive posts generated approximately more than 1.70 more positive posts. Bright, sunny, happy and cheerful always outshines dull, gray and negative. Keep your posts on the upside and watch them spread like wildfire.

What About Physical Appearances

Have you ever looked closely at your profile picture? What does it convey about you or your business? Is your profile photo bright and cheery? Does it convey trust? In another recently published study, interesting insights have come to light about how quickly people react and ultimately judge something as simple as a social media profile picture. The test showed that even the slightest changes in a profile picture can have a huge impact on how a person perceives you or your business. Always engage in split testing. This is especially important for something as simple as a profile picture.

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The psychology of the social media world is very complicated to say the least, but now that these studies have been brought into the light, we can learn how two important aspects of social media impact our social media campaigns.


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