6 Great Ways to Take Your Social Media Campaign to the Next Level

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Social media has helped transformed the digital landscape that was once a boring and stagnant place. It has quickly become one of the most powerful ways for people to share information. For brands who can develop a thorough social media campaign, the right piece of content can quickly go viral and spread to millions of people in the blink of an eye. But what type of content are people sharing the most? In a word: images.

Great verbal content is still a huge piece of the puzzle, but images are now becoming even more important in content strategies. Images can be the icing on the cake that inspires a person to share your content. They help readers pay attention and encourage them to share your content. This is only one of many excellent conversion optimization techniques.

Do You Need to Be A Graphic Designer?

This is yet another great thing about technology. You don’t have to be a fresh graduate from the hottest graphic design school. You don’t even need any type of real experience designing graphics because there are plenty of powerful tools that will help you craft the perfect visuals to add to your content campaigns.

Flashy Titles

Sometimes adding a little visual flair to your title is all you need to keep readers eyes on your content, and Canva is a great online tool that is very easy to use. You may even find yourself spending some quality time playing around with Canva simply because it is a lot of fun.

Infographics Are Taking Over

Data easily speaks volumes, and making your data look visually engaging via infographics helps keep people reading what would normally be boring. Infogr.am is a very powerful tool that makes it easy to make data more attractive. There are no limits to what you can do with this tool. Take your time with it, and be rewarded with great infographics on social media channels that readers enjoy.

Share Your Presentations

Presentations are great for getting your point across to a room full of people, but sharing your presentations will quickly expand your viewing audience beyond that room full of people. Your audience will quickly become the entire world. Give tools like SlideShare or Google Hangouts a try.

You Don’t Need to Hire A Professional Photographer

Sometimes, hiring a photographer simply isn’t in your social media campaign budget, but thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of great images out there that you can purchase for pennies. You may even be able to find some that are free to use. Start looking around some the more popular stock photography sites like:

  • Getty Images
  • Deposit Photos
  • FlickR
  • OpenClipArt.org

Go Old School

There are no rules that state you have to create your next viral marketing masterpiece with modern digital tools. You can always grab a piece of paper and start sketching some rough ideas. Who knows, maybe those rough ideas will blossom into something really appealing.

An Expert Approach To Your Social Media Campaign

Making your content more visually appealing only takes a little bit of creative elbow grease. These tips should help make the job easier. When you’re ready to learn more, about how to enhance your social media campaign, contact us.


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