5 Ways to Ensure Your Website Fits Into Google's Mobile Plans

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Yes, Google has silently rolled out yet another change to the way it displays search results. This latest change was designed for the mobile revolution that has also been silently ramping up quite a large momentum. Is your website ready for the latest changes in Google’s mobile plans? Here are a few ways to determine if your site is indeed ready for these most recent changes.

Are Your Pages Mobile Friendly?

Did you know that Google provides a free tool for you to see just how mobile friendly your website is? The tool is very handy and it will analyze a URL and tell you whether or not your site is indeed mobile friendly. You can find the mobile friendly test tool here:

Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides you with plenty of free tools to test how well your site is currently functioning. Google Webmaster Tools will inform you of any potential problems your site might be having with mobile compatibility. All you need to do is log in to your Google Webmasters Account and look for Search Traffic->Mobile Usability. This area will tell you what is possibly wrong with your site and how you can go about fixing the problem.

Are You Using A CMS?

CMS or Content Management System is a type of software that powers much of the Internet today. There are several CMS brands or systems in use but not all of them are compatible with mobile devices.

Google provides handy guides for each CMS package they currently support. You can find a list of those guides here:

How Fast Is Your Site?

It is no secret that Google has been factoring site speeds and load times into your search engine positions and load times are even more important with mobile devices. Google wants all content that appears above the fold to appear in less than one second. You can test the speed of your website at the following address:

Flash Is No Longer Flashy

Is your website currently using any type of Flash based animations? If it is, then you are looking for trouble. Flash is not currently mobile friendly. No worries though because there are other technologies on the horizon that are mobile friendly. You might want to either remove the Flash content or have it converted to HTML5.

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Mobile devices are not going anywhere and the latest update proves this fact. If your website is not currently mobile friendly, then now is the time to make sure it is.


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