5 Excellent Ways to Convert Lookers Into Buyers

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Websites have become a part of just about every business in existence regardless of size. Small businesses that consist of no more than two people and huge corporations that entail multiple departments and employees are all using the Internet to help them increase customer engagement, brand loyalty and the always important conversion. But is every brand on the web really looking at the big picture?

Getting people to your website through tactful SEO practices that can be tracked is just one piece of the “successful” puzzle. Having millions of happy visitors means absolutely nothing if these millions of visitors don’t convert into customers. Turning these would be visitors into paying customers is the name of the game. Here are a few methods that have been proven to turn browsers into buyers.

Simplify Your Website

How complicated, confusing or convoluted is your current website? When it comes to websites, simple is always the best choice. It might seem like the best idea would be to cram as much information as possible into the smallest amount of virtual real estate space but that is the single largest mistake most companies make. You don’t need a lot of images, forms, calls to actions and navigational tabs plastered all over your website.

Instead things should be much more simple. Try providing your visitors with a clear and easy to understand purpose and an even easier way to navigate to the points they are most interested in. Remove the clutter and prosper.

Call to Action

Are you stuffing a call to action in the header, the sidebar, the main content and the footer? Don’t do this. Again, this idea does nothing more than cause distractions. Distractions confuse people and eventually force them to hit the dreaded back button on their favorite web browser. You only need one call to action and it has to be strategically placed within the natural flow of your content. Simple is the key here.

Testing Is Vital

Testing is a vital part of the conversion process. You should be testing every little part of your website. Things like colors, design, placement and content need to be tested to see how they perform. You can try your standard split testing process on all aspects of your site. You could also try a quick screen shot test and ask people how they would go about navigating your website based on the single screenshot you present them.

How Visual Is Your Site?

The general public is very visual. They like to see images or videos as opposed to reading nothing more than boring old text. Try and use pictures and videos that help your customers visualize the benefits they will receive from your products and services. The images or videos can make your customers feel more comfortable. Feeling more comfortable helps loosen the purse strings.

Are You Using Social Proof?

People are always looking for some type of social proof. The first course of action is usually asking friends and family. They then move on to looking for social proof on the Internet. Customer reviews and testimonials are the single best way to provide your new soon to be customers with social proof.

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While getting your potential customers to see your website and consider your brand is an important piece of the puzzle, use of effective conversion optimization strategy to actually convert lookers into buyers, is no less important. The greatest successes are awarded to brands who can effectively focus attention to both practices.


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