5 Content Creation Secrets Your Competitors Don't Know Yet!

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There are quite a few “dirty” words in the English vocabulary and these are words that most of us are familiar with but there is a “dirty” word that shows up in the world of digital media that not everyone is aware of. That “dirty” word is “content.” This single word is powerful enough to send some people running for the hills simply because creating good sticky content that keeps people reading to the end is somewhat of a mystery. Heck, content creation is something that still sends some brands running for the hills in terror.

What keeps people reading? Is it some form of magic weaved in between the words that keeps them going? No it is not. Good content creation is all about identifying your audience and structuring the content properly. Want to know more secrets? Good, then this article is for you.

Write for Your Audience, Not Sales

Content that is heavily coated in sales pitches and marketing jargon can be a little difficult to digest. Consumers don’t always want to be “sold.” There are plenty of times when they are simply looking for some information.

Give them the right information and they will consume it time and time again. This process can and will eventually lead to sales because the consumer enjoyed what they read. The content may also inspire them to make a purchase simply because they feel good about what they just read.

Long or Short Story?

There is a time and a place for the 500+ page novel. Your content is not the time or place. Keeping your content confined to small chunks makes it far easier to digest. Keep things tight and straight to the point. The Internet may boast limitless possibilities, but there is no reason to fill it up with worthless junk.

5 Reasons Why Lists Work

  • Lists contain no surprises.
  • Lists are short and easy to read.
  • Lists make skimming content fast and easy.
  • Lists provide readers with things to agree or disagree with.
  • Lists are super easy to share.
  • People like things organized for them.

Did you notice there are 6 items in that list even though the title states 5 reasons why lists work? Did you read all six? Of course you did. Lists work!

Create Regularity

If you create good content on a regular subject on a basis, hungry consumers will start to look forward to their weekly doses of information. This is especially true if the information you give them helps them in any way shape or form.

Pictures Are Worth More Than A Thousand Words

Human beings are visual creatures. We like pretty pictures and we love to share them too! Every chance you get, include a thought provoking picture in your content. Pictures have the ability to go viral much quicker when attached to good content. Also, numerous studies indicate that images have a great way of establishing emotional connections with an audience, when the images somehow focus on the content topic’s relationship to or affect on people. Something to consider when deciding on the type of images to use.

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There you have it. You now know the 5 best ways to create sticky content. Now it is up to you to forge your own path with content creation and achieve total world domination by doing so!


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