5 Annoying Website Design Practices You Should Avoid

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No business wants an ugly website that turns people away. A nice clean layout is all part of the design process and there are quite a few really common design and layout problems that should be avoided at all costs. If your website is currently using any of these design ideas, then it may be time to push for a redesign. At the very least, you should rethink your website design practices and remove any of the following annoyances.

Blinking Text or Graphics

Your website is not supposed to look like a roadside construction site with bright flashing lights begging for your attention. Internet users have grown tired of the barrage of blinking tactics that plagued the Internet back in the 1990s. Today’s Internet users will quickly move on when they encounter something like this. Don’t use this tactic. It does more harm than good.

How’s Your Background?

When the Internet first appeared people and businesses were eager to use every flashy trick in the book. One of those tricks was to use a busy, flashy background image. It was the cool thing to do back then. Today it is not. The days of busy, flashy background images are long gone. People respond much better to clean, soothing layouts. Sometimes, just one static image can speak greater volume about what your business does, better than elaborate animations and effects will. No matter the route you take, make sure your background does not interfere with your website’s message.

Fonts and Colors

If you haven’t noticed already, your website should feature a clean, easy to read design and layout. Choosing the appropriate fonts and colors will help with this process. The colors and fonts should help compliment your overall design and increase brand awareness. There is a science to color and fonts and it should never be ignored. The right fonts should make your text content easily readable at a variety of sizes, and your color choices should elicit the right amount of contrast throughout the design without straining your visitors’ eyesight.

What’s Your Message?

If you haven’t already done this, it is a good idea to create one clear, concise message for your website. This concept is known as streamlined user experience. Having too many areas to navigate, or draw the eye too can wind up being confusing for your would be customers. The last thing you want to do is confuse your visitors. A single call to action is all that is needed as long as it is strategically placed and provides the right message.

Mobile Friendly

There has been a ton of talk recently on the subject of mobile devices and Internet users. Making sure your site is indeed mobile friendly is crucial in today’s market. Google has already started rolling out updates that prove this fact. If your site does not work well on a mobile device, then you can bet you are losing business. A dynamic site that changes according to the user is the key to your success.

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Your website is an extension of your business. Having an outdated or cluttered site will do nothing but harm your brand. When was the last time you looked over your site for old, outdated designs? Maybe it is time to rethink your brand’s most recent website design practices and give your old website a new, fresh design.


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