4 Ways to Make Your Facebook Ads Irresistible

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Facebook ads are supposed to generate leads in one way or another. Your ad might land you a new email address for your marketing list. It could encourage a few clicks and it could land you a new customer. The bottom line is this. Your Facebook ads should be bringing people into your sales funnel where your further marketing efforts will ultimately result in a sale. If this isn’t happening for you, then these tips should spice things up a little.

The Three Facebook Ad Pieces

Facebook ads can essentially be broken down into three vital parts. It’s these three vital parts that work together to bring you success. Having a full understanding of these three vital parts will help you get more from your Facebook ads. You have:

  • The bait or offer
  • Precise customer targeting
  • Ad copy

Of these three vital pieces to the Facebook ad puzzle, one of them has a higher priority towards your success. Can you guess which one it is? Your offer is the heavy weight here. It will have the single most dramatic impact on your Facebook ad campaign. Your offer must seem irresistible to your future customers. You can’t give them filler and expect them to do something in return. Here are a few great offers that have been proven to perform beyond their expectations.

Guides, Reports and Lists

These information products are simple, but they give people what they are looking for. Quick and easy to digest information. Most of these information products will contain a number in the title. This works wonders because it instantly tells consumers how much they can expect to learn. The next time you are in your local grocery store stop and take a look at some of the more predominant magazine covers. You will see most of the headlines include a number. This concept works!

Just One Tip

Each industry will need to craft their very own offer in order to succeed. Your customers might benefit from a guide, a report or a list or they may prefer one powerful tip! This concept works best when the desired sale has a high price tag attached to it. By giving away one powerful tip that hits hard, you not only build trust but you also set yourself up as an authority on the subject. These two things are what eases a consumer into that higher price tag item.

Free Is Your Friend

Consumers love free. Give away a free digital book. This free book does not have to be a Pulitzer prize winning masterpiece. In fact your free book could simply be a guide, report or list. Just make sure it is jam packed with valuable information.

Free Video Series

Not everyone out there is a reader. Some folks prefer to sit down with their favorite beverage and a bowl of popcorn and tune into a video series. This method is a great way to build a list as long as the video gives them what they want.

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You should see a pattern developing here. The offer in your Facebook ad must give your potential customer something they are looking for. When it does, your Facebook ads will bring in more than you can imagine. With help from a social media marketing team like ours, even trying them can be a simple, low risk imvestment with huge potential.


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