4 Ways to Be Best in Class with SEO

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“Best in class” may be a buzzword that is over-utilized in the corporate universe – but regardless, our Texas SEO firm believes that a brand should strive for it in all its practices, SEO being no exception. Being best in class for SEO ensures better conversion optimization for the website; increasing conversion rates, of course, is virtually equal to attaining more customers. At the recent Conductor conference in New York (#C3NY), one of the key speakers identified four areas of SEO that can lead a brand to best in class status:

  • Content
  • Reporting excellence
  • Internal education
  • Evangelism

While we don’t have access to the full transcript, we can offer some conjecture as to what the speaker meant when he defined how these properly carrying out these practices make one a best in class SEO. Here are our thoughts.

Content: The more quality, relevant and keyword-rich content is produced by a brand, the better its website rankings will be. Generating content on the website and blog, and promoting it on well-placed social channels, will result in shares and likes that generate the social signals Google is looking for when it determines rankings. Inferior content may pass some qualitative gaps in search engine algorithms and rank decently for a short period of time, but it doesn’t fool people who are actually looking for providers of products and services like yours. If you write your web content to your audience first, search engines will follow suit and reward your site with long-standing good rankings.

Reporting excellence: This refers to using reporting data to measure performanceand determine SEO strategy. Conductor advised the audience to report early and often, vary reporting requirements by stakeholder interest, and automate the reporting process so that it doesn’t become a cumbersome task. Using advanced reporting techniques is also a common thread among best in class SEO brands; one of those techniques is compiling data “mash-ups,” so that valuable insight can be gained from multiple variables.

Internal education: It is important that any staff members who generate content or perform other marketing tasks receive ongoing training for SEO, to stay updated on every new development that could affect the way they write, optimize and distribute content. When new tactics prove effective, the SEO staff needs to know about them; it is the management’s responsibility to make sure that they do. Dismissal of proven strategies should be a red flag to brands who are evaluating a marketing agency.

Evangelism: If a handful of influential users speak out about their devotion to a brand, their enthusiasm may be enough to convert large segments of other users into similarly dedicated supporters of the brand – again, triggering those social signals that lead to better rankings. This is known as brand evangelism or marketing evangelism and works as the digital “word of mouth” effect associated with successful social media marketing.

To be best in class with SEO means leveraging all four of these to the brand’s advantage. Brands that are not yet equipped with an SEO department may wish to tap into the services of a qualified SEO company instead; to discuss that option, contact the Texas SEO professionals of Crest Media.


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