4 Proven Content Marketing Techniques for Today and Tomorrow

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Content marketing changes. You could think of the concept of content marketing as a living breathing entity. It changes according to its environment and the largest influential portion of its environment is people. Content marketing would not exist without people. People are what that content is made for and if the content of today is created with the people of yesterday in mind, it won’t work. Your content must be created for the minds of today’s consumers. Here are a few tips for creating content for today and tomorrow.

Open Your Ears and Listen

Content marketing is a two way street. Creating content without listening to your audience will work for the short term but ultimately fail for the long term. Every successful content marketer keeps both ears to the ground and listens closely to what their audience has to say. These successful content marketers know just how important and valuable consumer feedback is. Feedback is free content.

Optimize, Tweak and Publish Everywhere

Listening is a great way to craft new ideas but it is often not enough to give you all the answers to the content marketing questions that might be floating around the office. Pay close attention to the content that performs the best and locate the reasons why it performs the best. Try and apply what you have learned to other pieces of content to make them perform better.

Take your winning content strategy and generously spread it through all of your Internet properties. This includes social media, email marketing, blogs and websites. Keep in mind that each of these marketing avenues will require some minor tweaks because each avenue has a somewhat different audience that expects things a certain way.

Include the Entire Office

Your business might have a content marketing guru or two on its staff, but their resources and ideas are limited. Other employees might be able to offer up some interesting ideas that come directly from left field. Your content marketing gurus can take these ideas and turn them into something fresh and new. You never know where the next great content marketing idea will come from.

Research, Research and Then Research Some More!

Good research is the backbone to good content marketing creation and techniques. Content marketing is designed to earn new customers, but creating nothing more than sales pitch after sales pitch won’t work. Savvy consumers quickly learn common sales pitches and their eyes will quickly glaze over.

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Research some common problems your clients might have and freely give them the solutions. This method goes a long way towards gaining trust. Trust turns leads into loyal customers who come back for more and research is the best way to go about it!

These are a few ways to future proof your content marketing and content creation.


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