4 Excellent Ways to Increase Your Twitter Following

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Social media continues to evolve and change on an almost daily basis. Just trying to keep up with these changes and let alone your social media presence can be quite a task. For some brands, keeping up with all of the social media platforms and their changes just might be a huge waste of time. You need to focus on a few select platforms and keep them updated with fresh content. Which social media platforms are worth this type of time investment?

What About Twitter?

Twitter is quite easily one of the largest social media platforms to emerge. There are over 230 million active people using this social media service, and boasts users among the realms of politics, business, sports and entertainment, all over the world. You can very easily extend your brand’s reach by growing a Twitter following who may also turn into customers in no time at all, but you must know why and how the Twitter system works.


Twitter is labeled a micro-blogging platform. This is because your posts are limited to only 140 characters. Read that again. It does not say 140 words. It says 140 characters. It can be a challenge trying to convey the right message about your brand with only 140 characters!

Fine Tune Your Voice

In order to succeed on Twitter, you must fine tune your voice. Successful Twitter accounts have identified what voice works best and these Twitter successes will often change or cater their voice to their followers. Find your audience and make sure your voice speaks to them in a Twitter language they can easily understand.

Make It Easy to Share Your Content

People are busy. There is no doubt about that. The entire micro-blogging idea proves this, but you need to make it easy for people to find you. The easiest way to do this is by adding share buttons on your website, emails, blog posts and don’t be afraid to ask people to share your content.

Follow People You Know

It can be difficult to get the ball rolling on Twitter, but one easy way to get things moving is to follow people you already know. Look through all of your current contacts and if they are on Twitter, follow them.

Tweet, Tweet and Tweet again!

You can go overboard with this simple strategy, especially if your Tweets start lacking any real quality. A good rule of thumb here, is to ask yourself “Would I still Tweet this if I had no marketing agenda?” If the answer is “no”, then your brand’s Twitter following likely will not see much informational value in that type of Tweet, and they might even regard it as spam. Keep active in popular trends that have an impact on your industry. Think twice about involving your brand in topics that may seem controversial. These types of posts can often cause more harm than good.

It also helps to identify the best times to Tweet. Your followers will be more active at certain times of the day. Identify these times and make sure you post your tweets then.

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Growing your Twitter following takes time, but these tips will help you avoid some of the more common obstacles found on the micro-blogging platform. Once you have a large and well-engaged following, turning them into customers and brand advocates becomes considerably easier.


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